Zhou Leimeng

Zhou in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Hong Kong
'Age 53
'Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 169 cm
Weight 120 kg
Fighting Style Original Style
Occupation Bodyguard of the Tsubaki Corporation
Hobbies Serving his boss
Likes Money, his boss, world domination
Dislikes Being called short


Zhou Leimeng was once a secretary to the previous boss of the criminal organization that would later become known as The Tsubaki Corporation. He is also a bit of a coward as he would rather have his henchmen do his own dirty work for him. When Kaiya Tsubaki had murdered his boss and took over the criminal organization, Zhou had finally earned a better position as a bodyguard to Kaiya and that he also serves as the second-in-command to their henchmen and their criminal activities. Proud of being Kaiya's right-hand man, Zhou swore that he will eliminate anyone that gets in the way of the organization, thus he enters The Sacred Fist Tournament to ensure Kaiya's victory against his enemies.