Yugo Sangunji

Yugo in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Japan
'Age 18
'Gender Male
Blood Type 0
Height 178 cm
Weight 75 kg
Fighting Style Sangunji-ryuu Karate
Occupation None
Hobbies Fishing
Likes The outdoors, naps, strong opponents
Dislikes Ants, his father's training regimen.


The young and noble heir to a prestigious and well-renowned fighting family, Yugo Sangunji is very well-known throughout most of Japan for his excellent Karate skill, even going so far as to be nicknamed "The Lightning Tiger". After undergoing Karate training with his elder brother Akira, he was forced into fighting him as a result of their parents' disagreement over training methodologies. Refusing to follow his orders, he decided to leave home in order to embark on a journey that would test both his skill and strength, and upon learning of The Sacred Fist Tournament, Yugo decides to enter it, seeking to do battle against many strong challengers around the world.