Yoko Cindy Matsudaira

Cindy in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin America (her parents were Japanese)
'Age 25
'Gender Female
Blood Type AB
Height 174 cm
Weight 58 kg
Fighting Style Koppo
Occupation Contract Assassin/Bodyguard for the Tsubaki Corporation
Hobbies Collecting knives
Likes Seduction, her boss, success
Dislikes Failure, Douglas Anderson


Yoko Cindy Matsudaira was taught the fighting art of Koppo by her father, who was a five-time Koppo tournament champion. Cindy had loved her father very much and always looked up to him for support, but all of that would change one fateful night when Cindy's father was attacked by a group of muggers on his way home and that one of them had fatally stabbed him in the chest with a knife, leaving him to bleed out and die on the street. Cindy was devastated by the sudden murder of her own father and soon learned that his killing was no mere random act of violence. It turned out that a local crime boss had put a hit out on her father, due to the fact that he had refused to throw a past fight against one of his men from within a previous competition and that the local crime boss had sought immediate revenge against him. In her own personal time, Cindy had tracked down the location of the local crime boss by posing as a street prostitute and through the use of her own Koppo, she had killed him and his associates from within a tough and vicious fight. Even though Cindy had gotten her revenge, she felt empty inside and didn't know on what to do next. In the next few years, Cindy would go on to be a contract assassin, hiring herself to clients who are able to pay her well for both her fighting skills and her services. Eventually, she would get the interest of a Japanese businessman named Kaiya Tsubaki, who would hire her as his personal assassin in The Tsubaki Corporation and that she would do many jobs for him in an instant. During an assignment in Los Angeles, Cindy would meet up with a local man named Douglas Anderson and that the two of them would fall in love with each other and have an intimate relationship, but unfortunately, their romance was short-lived when Douglas found out that she was a hired assassin for The Tsubaki Corporation that he was currently investigating. Upon realizing that Douglas had now knew about her own devious job, Cindy had fought against him in combat and nearly killed him, though Douglas was able to escape from the imminent danger and ever since then, Cindy has hated him with a passion. Cindy's current assignment from Kaiya is to enter The Sacred Fist Tournament to destroy whoever poses a threat to him, and to also kill her former lover Douglas as well.