Su Qingtao

Qingtao in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin China
'Age 78
'Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 164 cm
Weight 62 kg
Fighting Style Drunken Fist kung-fu
Occupation Drunken Fist master
Hobbies Drinking sake
Likes His student, Yuli, disciplined people
Dislikes Rude youngsters


Su Qingtao is a master of the Drunken Fist style of Kung Fu and that he also happens to be an old friend of Hong Yuli's father. Qingtao had taught many of his students how to fight from within his homeland of China and that many who have trained under him have considered Qingato to being one of the greatest martial arts masters in all of China. One day, Qingtao was shocked to learn of the unexpected murders of Yuli's own parents and decided to take Yuli in under his wing so that he could help her get stronger, both physically and mentally. Upon learning that Yuli had traveled to Japan in order to participate in The Sacred Fist Tournament, Qingtao had immediately went after her upon fearing the instant fact that Yuli's desire and obsession to get revenge against her parents' killer, Kaiya Tsubaki could get her killed in combat.