Steve Laettner

Steve in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin America
'Age 34
'Gender Male
Blood Type 0
Height 182 cm
Weight 78 kg
Fighting Style Kickboxing
Occupation Kickboxing champion
Hobbies Fighting
Likes Kickboxing, his shades, fried chicken
Dislikes Losers, Allen


In his childhood, Steve Laettner's mother had died of lung cancer when he was 3 years old, and his own father had walked out on him when he was 5, leaving him in the streets to fend for himself. Within time, Steve had managed to find sanctuary in a local kickboxing gym and from within that point, he had met a well-renowned kickboxing champion named James Carter, who would eventually adopt Steve and help him out from within his own time and accord. Impressed by James' own personal style of Kickboxing, Steve was determined to learn from him, turning into an impressive fighter after years of intense training and sparring. Steve had dominated every competition as a world kickboxing champion and that he had gained many fans and admirers of his own superb ability. However...Steve was unimpressed with the small uneven number of kickboxers that he had fought against in combat and thus, he would try to seek out a Muay Thai fighter to test his own skills against from within sight. One night after another successful kickboxing victory at a special fighting event, Steve had met an unknown Japanese businessman named Kaiya Tsubaki, who promised him that he would get the chance to take on a Muay Thai fighter if he was to come to The Tsubaki Corporation and work as a bodyguard for him. Although reluctant at first, Steve had agreed to the deal and began his job as one of Kaiya's bodyguards, entering into The Sacred Fist Tournament to destroy every Tsubaki Corporation threat, but his personal agenda is to fight and defeat an underground Muay Thai champion named Allen, a promise his boss Kaiya made to Steve.