Saya Tsubaki

Saya in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Japan
'Age 16
'Gender Female
Blood Type 0
Height 158 cm
Weight 45 kg
Fighting Style Tsubaki-ryu Kenpo
Occupation Second year student at the private Kogugakuen High School
Hobbies Watching sporting events (especially Pro Baseball)
Likes Grandpa, scary stories, and festivals
Dislikes Homework


Saya Tsubaki is the youngest child in the Tsubaki family. She loves her grandfather, Genya Tsubaki, very much and learned Kenpo from him in order to defend herself from any potential threat and get stronger, both physically and mentally. Although Saya doesn't know much about her own father, Kaiya Tsubaki, Genya wasn't willing to tell her about him and his own evil lifestyle. One day while Saya was on her way to visit her grandfather after her studies at Kogugakuen High School, Genya had fought against his son, who had came to the family dojo in the hopes of seeing Saya and making her an offer to become his potential successor from within The Tsubaki Corporation. Within time, Saya had came to the location of the dojo and realized that something wasn't quite right from within her own mind. In an instant, Saya had immediately rushed into the dojo and saw that her own grandfather was on the ground in a badly bruised up state, causing Saya to turn her quick glance over to Kaiya and realize that he was the one who had attacked her grandfather, thus Saya had immediately ran at him in a state of pure anger and rage in the hopes of attacking him and avenging her grandfather's defeat, but Kaiya had easily brushed Saya aside with no problem and took his fast leave from within an instant. While Saya had immediately went to her grandfather's aid, she had no clue that the man who attacked her grandfather was her own father Kaiya. Genya was hospitalized in a state of fair condition and that Saya had stayed by his bedside in the hopes that he would be able to recover from Kaiya's vicious attack against him. Within time, an American government narcotics officer named Douglas Anderson had arrived at the hospital and informed Saya that the man who had attacked her grandfather is believed to be Kaiya Tsubaki: the head of a criminal organization known as The Tsubaki Corporation. Upon hearing this, Saya is quite shocked to learn that Kaiya has the same last name as herself and asks her grandfather if Kaiya is somehow related to them. Realizing that he can't afford and continue to keep the secret from Saya any longer, Genya decides to tell Saya the hard truth that Kaiya is indeed her father and that he had left his family behind for his current life of crime and violence. Shocked and saddened at the same time by this tough revelation, Saya makes a vow that she'll confront and fight her father in order to stop his evil ambition, thus she decides to take part in The Sacred Fist Tournament.