Natsuki Kornelia

Kornelia in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Germany (half-Japanese)
'Age 21
'Gender Female
Blood Type A
Height 167 cm
Weight 48 kg
Fighting Style Pit Fighting
Occupation None
Hobbies Dancing, Singing
Likes Getting along with people, ice cream, confrontation, Heinz
Dislikes Boring things


Natsuki Kornelia is the daughter of a German father and a Japanese mother. She was brought up in a pampered lifestyle in which her parents had took very good care of her and sought to make her into an elegant lady. However, Kornelia didn't like her peaceful yet strict lifestyle and ran away from home in order to seek and experience the thrill and excitement. While traveling alone through the streets of Germany, Kornelia had unfortunately ran into a small group of street thugs who had attempted to attack and have their own way with her, but unexpected help for Kornelia came when a young German man with blonde hair had immediately entered into the scene and attacked the thugs, forcing them into an instant retreat. Upon being surprised by this sudden development, Kornelia had decided to ask her impromptu rescuer on who he was and he told her that his own name was Heinz. Feeling indebted and connected to him from within her own time and accord, Kornelia had decided to travel with Heinz, learning how to defend herself through Pit Fighting so that she and Heinz could work together as an unbeatable team. When Kornelia learned that Heinz was preparing to take part in The Sacred Fist Tournament, she decided to enter it as well so that she could test her own fighting skills out against him and see if she has what it takes to be a strong practitioner of Pit Fighting.


  • Kornelia has an incredible singing voice, but it is soon to be shown in the sequel or remake.