Mark Galeon

Mark Galeon in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin New York, America
'Age 32
'Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 182 cm
Weight 90 kg
Fighting Style Professional Wrestling
Occupation Pro-wrestler
Hobbies Making money
Likes Fighting, David, his daughter, lifting weights.
Dislikes Losing

Biography Edit

Mark Galeon's experience with pro wrestling began when he was forced to fend for himself in the streets as a teenager, since his mother and father had suddenly disappeared and never came back. While battling against some street thugs who had attempted to rob an elderly couple, Mark was discovered by a "Grand Slam" wrestling promoter, who promised him that he could make him into a wrestling star if he was to join the "Grand Slam" wrestling promotion. Mark had accepted the deal and became one of the "Grand Slam"'s toughest wrestlers to ever appear. Undefeated in the circuit, Mark had to face his old friend and rival, David Human, in the final match of a "Grand Slam" local wrestling event. The two of them had fought very well from within the match, but they could only manage a draw in the end, making them friendly rivals for years to come. One day while preparing himself for another wrestling match, Mark is approached by an unknown well-suited man who claims to be a representative of The Tsubaki Corporation and that the unknown well-suited man tells Mark that his own boss, Kaiya Tsubaki, is quite impressed with Mark's superb wrestling skills and wants him to join his organization. Upon knowing about The Tsubaki Corporation's shady history and dealings, Mark instantly refuses the offer, which causes the unknown well-suited man to warn Mark that no one refuses an offer from The Tsubaki Corporation and lives to tell the tale about it. This threat proves to be indeed true as two weeks later, Mark and his daughter, who were currently making their way to the local city park in order to spend the day with each other, are nearly struck by a speeding car that came directly from behind them and even though the two of them had suffered some slight bruises via the quick evasion that Mark had initiated in order to save himself and his daughter, both are okay from within their own time and manner. Mark realizes that The Tsubaki Corporation was behind the attempted murder and fears that those who are close to him will get hurt or killed because of them, thus he decided to embark on a solo mission to gather information about The Tsubaki Corporation so that he can destroy them and ensure the safety of both his family and friends. Upon learning about The Sacred Fist Tournament, Mark decides to enter it so that he can fight against Kaiya and see to it that the criminal organization pays for interfering in his own life.