Kazane Tsukikage

Kazane in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Japan
'Age 19
'Gender Female
Blood Type B
Height 172 cm
Weight 57 kg
Fighting Style Oomiwa-ryu Ninjutsu
Occupation None
Hobbies Archery
Likes Her brother, Hyoma
Dislikes Deception


Kazane Tsukikage is the older sister of Hyoma Tsukikage, and has spent most of her life training alongside with him under their mentor Sessue Kanoh. Prior to the start of The Sacred Fist Tournament, Kazane was sent on a reconnaissance mission to spy on The Tsubaki Corporation and its leader, Kaiya Tsubaki, but during the mission, Kazane was spotted and attacked, being kidnapped by the criminal organization's own members. This was the reason that Hyoma and Sessue enters The Sacred Fist Tournament in order to rescue her.