Kaiya Tsubaki

Kaiya in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Japanese
'Age 45
'Gender Male
Blood Type 0
Height 176 cm
Weight 65 kg
Fighting Style Kenpo
Occupation Owner of the Tsubaki Organization
Hobbies Committing evil deeds
Likes World domination, everything evil
Dislikes People who impede his plans, weaklings


Kaiya Tsubaki is the leader of a ruthless criminal organization known as The Tsubaki Corporation. In his earlier life, he was a young top student in the Tsubaki Dojo, learning Kenpo from his father, Genya Tsubaki, and that Genya had intended for his son to take up the mantle of leading their clan. However, Kaiya didn't care about the value of his family clan as he had secretly gotten himself involved in the Japanese criminal underworld and that he would soon become the right-hand man of a criminal drug lord who would take him under his wing and teach him everything there is to know. While keeping his criminal life a secret from everyone he knew, Kaiya, at age 20, would marry a woman that he had known since childhood.

A few years later, Kaiya would surprisingly murder his boss, betraying him and taking charge of his criminal organization, and also abandoning his whole family at the time of the murder. In the process, his wife had died giving birth to his daughter, Saya, leaving Genya to raise her and making sure that she doesn't go down the same dark path as her father.

Upon realizing that his evil actions have made various enemies for him throughout the entire world and being bored with the lack of fighting competition at the same time, Kaiya decides to create and sponsor a worldwide fighting event known as "The Sacred Fist Tournament" so that he can use it as a way to rid himself of his own adversaries while hoping to gain a strong opponent to do battle against from within the process of the competition's own progression. Also...Kaiya hopes that through the use of this tournament, his own daughter Saya will come to him so that he can attempt to convince her to join him in The Tsubaki Corporation and make her his potential successor once he retires.