Hyoma Tsukikage

Hyoma in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Japan
'Age 17
'Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 173 cm
Weight 69 kg
Fighting Style Oomiwa-ryu Ninjutsu
Occupation High School student
Hobbies Listening to classical music
Likes His sister Kazane, meditating
Dislikes Noisy places, broken concentration


Hyoma Tsukikage, along with his older sister. Kazane, were abandoned as orphans on the doorstep of a sacred place known as the Oomiwa Temple. A ninja master named Sessue Kanoh took them in and trained the two of them in the art of Ninjutsu. Hyoma has remained loyal to the temple ever since and was even enrolled into a local high school by his master Sessue as a student so that he could learn and know much about the outside world. Later, after hearing of Kazane's capture at the hands of The Tsubaki Corporation and his own parents' possible current whereabouts from his master, Hyoma enters into The Sacred Fist Tournament along with Sessue in order to save his sister and learn the location of his parents.