Hong Yuli

Yuli in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin China
'Age 17
'Gender Female
Blood Type B
Height 170 cm
Weight 49 kg
Fighting Style Drunken Fist Kung-fu
Occupation Girl from a nice family
Hobbies Collecting foreign coins, taking walks
Likes Freedom, her mentor, Qingtao
Dislikes Family traditions, Kaiya


Hong Yuli had a very exciting childhood; her mother was a flower saleswoman, and her father was a businessman in the Chinese stock market. During his work, Yuli's father had encountered a Japanese businessman named Kaiya Tsubaki and that Kaiya had offered Yuli's father a position in his own personal corporation. Upon taking up the offer and working with Kaiya from within his own given time and opportunity, Yuli's father was shocked to see that Kaiya was actually a criminal leader and that he had sought to gain control over China's own criminal underworld. Yuli's father had planned on going to the authorities so that he could inform them about Kaiya's shady work and dealings, but Kaiya had immediately knew of this and had both Yuli's father and mother murdered at their own home while Yuli, who had hid inside a closet from within the duration of the sudden home invasion, had saw it happen with her own innocent eyes when she was 10. Yuli had then became an orphan due to this tragedy. Seeking training from her father's old friend, Su Qingtao, Yuli had learned the Drunken Fist style from her master, and became curious about it and its own true fighting potential. Yuli's training was successful, and she began her own personal mission to Japan so that she could enter The Sacred Fist Tournament in an attempt to fight Kaiya and avenge her parents' deaths.