Heinz Streit

Heinz in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Germany
'Age 24
'Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 177 cm
Weight 67 kg
Fighting Style Pit Fighting
Occupation None
Hobbies Fighting
Likes Wiener schnitzel, fights, Kornelia, being the "black sheep" of the family
Dislikes His homelife, people who order him around


Heinz Streit was born into a prestigious family of well-known aristocratic ancestry, but he had quickly grown tired of his wealthy and pampered life, resenting his parents' strict control over him. In a state of both disgust and response to his parents' constant orders to act and behave like a true gentleman, Heinz ran away from home at the age of 19. Now, Heinz is a lone street brawler with no care in the world, except having to pick and join street fights for a living. Bored of his constant fighting life from within the streets, Heinz decides to participate in The Sacred Fist Tournament in the hopes that he can find exciting battles at the competition.