Genya Tsubaki

Genya in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Japan
'Age 66
'Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 180 cm
Weight 110 kg
Fighting Style Tsubaki-ryu Kenpo
Occupation Kenpo teacher at the Tsubaki Dojo
Hobbies Mahjong
Likes Enlightenment, his granddaughter
Dislikes His son, Kaiya


Genya Tsubaki is Saya's grandfather, Kaiya's father, and the Tsubaki clan patriarch. Genya was once the head of the Dojo, and had decided to pass down the Kenpo style to his grandaughter Saya. Many years ago, Genya had passed down the Kenpo style to his own son, Kaiya in the hopes that he would be able to lead their clan through his own strength and determination, but unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be, as Kaiya had gotten himself involved in the criminal underworld and that he had became the leader of his own criminal organization known as The Tsubaki Corporation. Genya had regretted this decision, knowing full well that his son wasn't fully disciplined, and that he wouldn't tell Saya about him and his lifestyle. One day, Genya was shocked to see that Kaiya had appeared before him at the family dojo and that his son had wanted to see his own daughter Saya in the hopes that he would be able to bring her into The Tsubaki Corporation and make her his heir once he retires. Genya had refused to let Saya go down the same dark path as Kaiya and was prepared to take on his own son in combat. Despite Genya's best efforts, Kaiya had proven to be too much for him to handle and that he was brutally beaten, being forced to spend most of his days in a hospital bed. When Saya had asked him if Kaiya was somehow related to them, Genya had reluctantly told her the truth about Kaiya being her father and that Saya, though shocked and saddened by this revelation, had fully accepted it. Upon learning that Saya was preparing to enter The Sacred Fist Tournament in order to confront and fight her father, Genya had wasted no time in going after her as he doesn't want Saya to get into critical danger.