David Human

David in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Texas, America
'Age 29
'Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 185 cm
Weight 102 kg
Fighting Style Professional wrestling
Occupation Pro Wrestler
Hobbies Developing cool techniques
Likes The sound of fans cheering
Dislikes Weaklings


David Human is a rising star of popularity in the wrestling ring of the "Grand Slam" wrestling promotion and that his tough strength and strong endurance is matched by his own kind heart and valiant determination. A "Grand Slam" local wrestling event would have David going up against his old college friend and rival Mark Galeon. David fought well in the match against Mark, but in the end, the battle had concluded with a draw. David and Mark would become friendly wrestling rivals for many years to come, promising a rematch with each other in due time. One day, David hears rumors that Mark has been associating himself with a criminal organization known as The Tsubaki Corporation and upon learning about The Sacred Fist Tournament, David decides to enter it so that can confront Mark and figure out the truth behind this troubling problem.