Arthur Stewart

Arthur Stewart in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Great Britain
'Age 20
'Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Height 180 cm
Weight 78 kg
Fighting Style Amateur Wrestling fluxed with a flexible style.
Occupation Owner of Stewart Firearms Corp.
Hobbies Reading in his studies.
Likes His father, Ann, the elegance of fighting
Dislikes Street thugs, sloppy techniques, Kaiya

Biography Edit

When Arthur Stewart was a little boy, his father was the proud owner of a well-known British weapon company called the Stewart Firearms Corp., which deals with pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, etc. Arthur had a very exciting childhood and had been practicing Amateur Wrestling in the Briston Academy Wrestling Club, adopting striking techniques fluxed with flexible and elegant techniques, therefore making his style have more finesse from within sight. During his time at the academy, Arthur had met a fellow student and female amateur wrestler named Ann Griffith and became good friends with her, helping her train and get better from within her own personal style of Amateur Wrestling. When Arthur turned 19, his father had suddenly disappeared and left his weapon company to his own son. Disappointed by the company's current pitiful state, Arthur had set off for the streets to find new employees that could help bring it back to its own past glory. During his journey, Arthur had found Ann being beaten up by a couple of ruthless street bikers as they sought to steal her motorcycle collection while attempting to have their own way with her from within the process of their nefarious act. Arthur had immediately jumped to her rescue and defeated the street bikers in an instant. Impressed by Arthur's own unique wrestling techniques and skills, Ann had thanked Arthur for saving her life and vowed to repay the favor one day. After hearing of The Sacred Fist Tournament from Ann and learning about his company's own war with The Tsubaki Corporation, Arthur enters the competition in the hopes of eliminating Kaiya, thinking that it will end the tough war between his corporation and Kaiya's.