Ann Griffith

Ann in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Great Britain
'Age 17
'Gender Female
Blood Type 0
Height 168 cm
Weight 56 kg
Fighting Style Amateur wrestling
Occupation Student at Briston Academy
Hobbies Combat sports
Likes Motorcycles, Arthur
Dislikes Exams


Ann Griffith is a student at the Briston Academy and that she happens to be the most popular female amateur wrestler there. Ann is more interested in wrestling rather than her studies since she had watched a "Grand Slam" wrestling tournament from within the past and grew quite interested in the style of Amateur Wrestling. Her words to her father were, "One day, I shall step in the ring and defeat the stongest wrestler in the world!". Meanwhile, her father had decided to go on an extended vacation and passed down his own motorcycle collection to Ann, who was very impressed with them. After hearing of The Sacred Fist Tournament and seeing a direct opportunity to make herself well-known to the world, Ann heads to the competition, planning to stage a street fighting event there in order to expand public interest into Amateur Wrestling.