Allen in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Unknown
'Age 23
'Gender Male
Blood Type ?
Height 178 cm
Weight 55 kg
Fighting Style Muay Thai
Occupation Underground fighter
Hobbies Destruction
Likes Solitude, strong opponents
Dislikes Legit society, weak opponents, people in general


Losing both of his parents at a young age, Allen had sought sanctuary in an orphanage, refusing to socialize with the other orphans. This had made him into a violent and troubled child. One day after spending his time at the orphanage, an unknown foster father had came and took Allen under his own care, but the unknown foster father had proved to be a cruel and complete monster to Allen as he would constantly abuse and hurt him for his own sadistic enjoyment, going so far as to force him into learning the art of Muay Thai so that he could make Allen enter into every street fight held underground. Allen did so, and gained many successful victories, becoming an undefeated champion at the time. One day after coming home from another successful victory at an underground street fight, Allen had grew utterly enraged by the constant abuse that came from his foster father and in an act of pure rage and hatred, he had violently murder his foster father by striking his nose cartilage with one devastating blow. The day after the murder, Allen's spirit had turned cold like a devil, no longer having a care for anything in the world. Seeking a stronger opponent to do battle against, Allen had entered into The Sacred Fist Tournament, hoping to find someone to brutally hurt with his deadly Muay Thai.

Allen is also shown in the intro of Kensei Sacred Fist.