Akira Sangunji

Akira in Kensei: Sacred Fist
'Origin Japan
'Age 20
'Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 178 cm
Weight 75 kg
Fighting Style Sangunji-ryuu Karate
Occupation None
Hobbies Training
Likes Women, fights, his brother
Dislikes Defeat


Akira Sangunji is an expert Karate fighter who happens to be the elder brother of Yugo Sangunji. At first, Akira was always jealous of his young brother in being the successful one in their own Karate training while Akira had received little treatment. However...after warming up to Yugo, his love for him has grown ever since, but he still trains every day to step up to his young brother's own level. One day upon coming home, Akira is shocked to see and discover his father's dead body from within the home's living room and that Akira himself had vowed to get revenge on whoever murdered him, but he hasn't told Yugo this sudden tragedy just yet. Within time, Akira had learned that a man named Kaiya Tsubaki was the one who had killed his father, due to the fact that Kaiya was an old rival to his father and that he had sought revenge after a past loss against him. Upon learning about The Sacred Fist Tournament and realizing that Yugo might compete in it, Akira decides to head to the competition so that he can reunite with Yugo and ask for his assistance in having to fight Kaiya and avenge their father's death.



Akira Sangunji from the game intro